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Default Day One!

Hello Fitday-ers!
I am a newcomer, today is my first day! I am very excited about this new change in my life and I can't wait to start seeing some results! First let me start of by saying I am almost 5'10'' and I weight 316Lbs (Goal weight of 200 Lbs) Now let me tell you what I am most struggling with... I have had a bad case of Asthma since childhood which is worsened by a minor/moderate heart condition called Pulmonary Stenosis, which restricts blood flow to my lungs. This combination with my access weight causes a huge, gigantic problem when trying to exercise or doing anything for that matter! I try to exercise and my Asthma causes me to breathe rapidly, then my heart starts acting up and beating too fast... At this point I only have 1 option which is to take my inhaler, but for those who take inhalers you will know that it increases the heart rate, which in may case my heart is already going so fast I could pass out or have a heart attack! Anyways, thats my health problems, now for my biggest problem... My eating habits! I have always had terrible eating habits... Never eat breakfast, eat junk for lunch, and have dinner lat night right before sleeping... Not to mention I am a totally insomniac and eat junk randomly through the night! I have had a weight problem since childhood, and most of these eating habits came from that time! I was always the fat girl, and not only was I overweight but I was also the tallest kid in all my classes, so I was the giant fat girl! Now I am 22 years old, recently married ... to a man who could quite possible be on the verge of under weight! I just want to be able to go out with him and be active! Do the things everyone else does! And most importantly... I want to be a mother! ...and I don't want to run into any more health risk for myself or my future baby then I need too! I want to be healthy... First and foremost for myself, then for my husband and family, and then for my future baby!

I could really use all the support and love I can get!
Thanks for reading!

Oh, and p.s. I also forgot to mention that currently my left foot is in a walking boot/cast! I tripped over a very large (...still cant believe I didn't see it!) Dog Bone, just a silly little fall and I now have a large chuck of bone that had chipped off just floating around and it is too big for them to want to do surgery to take it out, so the sentenced me to 4-6 weeks of this horribly ugly and might I say huge and heavily uncomfortable boot! So this is now a new obstacle I must tackle!
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