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I'm not a nutrition expert, but this is how I use fitday's tools: I aim for about half my calories to come from carbs (a balance of whole grains, vegetables and fruit), one third calories to come from lean protein (fish, white meat turkey and chicken, egg whites, and low fat dairy) and about 15% calories from fat, hopefully "good" fats like olive oil, avocados, almonds, etc. Use the pie chart on the food screen to keep an eye on these, and click on the nutrition tab on the same screen to see what vitamins and minerals you may be missing.
From your one-day menu, it looks like you may need to add more vegetables (tomatoes and peppers are my favorites, along with carrots, and all are easy to take on the go), and there are no dairy products. Cottage cheese is high in protein, yogurt is easy to take on the go. Look for low fat or fat free products that are Vitamin D fortified.
Good luck on your journey!
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