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Heavensdarkangel....I lost 55 lbs in one year on Alli so you CAN do it! Some people lost more but I did what worked for me. A few months I just maintained. My exercise started slow (I was 247 when I started) and I worked up. I have some physical issues from old breaks so I could only do so much (started walking up hills everyday). Remember, the slower you lose the more chance you have of keeping it off.

They revamped the alli website over the holidays. They took down all of our forums (and support) right before xmas which really stank. The site is still dysfunctional and I'm not using it anymore. It is too bad, it use to be pretty good with just some issues here and there. Now they've taken away groups of people who use to support each other. I hope they get their act together soon....
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