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You have no idea how much it means to mean to be mentioned in your post. I'm so glad that I could help inspire/ motivate you!

If you feel the need to slack, just know that one day you two will cross paths again. Wouldn't it be great that when you do, you will be in the best shape of your life?? Then you can look at her and you will both know what she's missing out on!!!!

Seriously keep pushing man! Soon enough you'll have your pictures up and someone will be posting about how much you inspried them... and that alone makes it worth it.

Keep up the great work! we are all here for you. If you ever need motivation, just think of seeing her in 6 months. I also get a lot of motivation from others, I love watching videos of people successes! This isn't one of my videos but IMO this video will motivate anyone.

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