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Hi BD and welcome! I know its hard to keep motivated, all of us have those struggles now and then but its due time to make this about you and not about the girl that broke your heart. As much as that can be great motivation continuously playing it over and over in your head could also be bad for you. Like Canary said, think about the girl you want to meet! It sounds like your getting yourself into a much healthier frame of mind. And enjoy the attention, you deserve it for all the hard work you are doing! Take it from a woman, living well is the best revenge. And don`t be hard on yourself for your past relationship mistakes, dwelling on them will only make you miss out on a great woman who is out there waiting for you. You realized that you need to change and if the breaking apart of the relationship is whats going to change your life for the better, then i say, eventually maybe you can look at it as a stepping stone to the best you you can be. We all need help staying motivated, this group is amazing for that. Make small goals for yourself and having a partner is also a great way to be accountable. Sounds like your doing a great job already! I tell you what, you post your pics along the way, and I just might post mine too! lol
Good Luck!
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