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Thanks Felicity for responding. It has been a rough 2 years for me. I have always been a curvy girl and I liked it that way, I am 5`7 and 2 years ago weighed about 150. I had a bunch of stressful things happen in my life that really messed with my hormones and with a family history of hormonal issues, all of a sudden everything shut down on me. I gained over 70 pounds in 2 months and my very curly hair went straight...etc etc. I had always been very active and very careful about what I ate and how much exercise I got. Once all that weight piled on i was unable to maintain my fitness level and unfortunately am starting from square one again. It took over 2 years for doctors to really figure out what was going on with me. For awhile there no matter what I ate was converted in sugar which was then turned into unwanted extra fat, mostly around my middle (which was devastating to me since I had always been proud of my flat tummy). Even since the diagnosis (of Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) I got pretty depressed because I could not see any end in sight and started eating whatever I felt like, whenever I felt like, which in my life I was never able to do before. It was kind of freeing at first, not worrying about what I put in my mouth or if i went to the gym that day (if its only going to turn into fay anyways, who cares?) was my attitude. I`m mad at myself now because it is now just an extra 40 pounds now that I have to work off. but in the moment i had sunk so low it didn`t seem to matter to me anymore. Now my body seems to be getting back to working normally, i had hoped maybe the weight would just fall off....not excatly! So, i am working my butt off (literally) and trying to keep motivated. its been a struggle trying to not think about how my body used to react to things, foods i could eat and get away with, cutting calories thru the week so i could splurge on weekends...doesn`t work anymore. My body even loses weight differently now. Its so hard not to get caught up on how things used to be. Anyways, I just wanted to commend you on how wonderful you are doing. And I am definitely not downplaying how hard you have worked. Just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to many and hopefully that also helps you continue on your path. It sounds cheesy but honestly I have to remember that even the best tasting food in the world does not compete with how amazing I felt when I was in shape and looked the way I wanted to look. Nothing has ever been better than that.
And if anyone has any tips or advice I am happy to hear it! Thank you!
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