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Originally Posted by jeffbearer View Post
Specifically what is the difference between seated all day and seated with some movement?

Does that only count the time that you are at work, or at home too? I would think if you are seated at home too you fall into the sedentary bracket.
I know what you mean, that makes me wonder, too.

If you really want to figure it out, I think you could do a 24 hour day of writing all activity down and enter it that way, and see what the number of calories it comes up with vs. the number of calories it comes up with for the Sedentary, Sedentary with some movement, etc. That would give you a customized number.

I've only entered some basic things I do. For example, I do 30 minutes of a Leslie Sansone walking program, and I figured for me that was about 9 calories a minute. Then if I go shopping and walk around a grocery store for an hour, I put that in. And if I'm on the tractor for three hours, I enter that. Etc. It all adds up over the baseline.

Actually, thanks for making me think of this. I'm going to do it myself and see what number I get.
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