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Felicity ~ I think being able to do it without counting calories is pretty kickass. I started writing down everything I eat here because I've been so dishonest with what I'm eating. I pretty much convinced myself I was eating just like anyone else, but looking back, I was probably hoovering up 4000 calories a day, minimum.

Getting to a point of having retrained myself such that I'm able to simply eat normally, exercise a lot, and maintain my weight is a dream. I'm happy for you. Hope I can do that one day.

Detroit ~ that's an interesting point about the tiny tastes. As I was having dinner last night, I realized I really didn't want the second little salmon patty. I thought about giving it to my husband. I forged ahead and finished it off, but next time, I'm going to remember that deal about a few bites.

Our family Christmas dinners have, over the last 8-10 years, evolved into appetizer buffets. We all love it, far more than cooking a bird, sides, etc. Everyone brings one or two little dishes and we all snack. I think that's similar to what your tapas guy is talking about.

I hope everyone has a lovely, successful, sane eating, peaceful day.
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