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Felicity, I think that's awesome! I agree with Michael, that I think we all hope to get there some day. I'll speak for myself when I say that I have never internalized any kind of food sense, and I have never exercised portion control. I have always marveled at the way "normal" people eat and it just seems to work out. I really hope this process retrains my mind and body and I can get where you are. For now, calorie counting is a really good tool for me, but I'm really happy for you.

Last night I was a bit hungry about an hour and a half after my workout and I grabbed the hummus from the fridge and these crackers I have that aren't too awful. I looked at the container and realized that I've had about ten servings out of it since I opened it. I used to practically kill one of those in a sitting. Same with this box of crackers. I thought about how long food was lasting, and how my fridge is a bit stuffed and I was wondering how I'm gonna "get through all that food" while it's still good. It's all mysterious to me, and I think that underscores 42 years of an unhealthy relationship with food. I instantly got used to the idea that I can feel full all day on 2,000 calories, but I don't trust myself to control my portions without tracking calories yet.

There was this guy who opened a restaurant locally here, and it just looked to me like a creative kind of tapas place to me. I read an article about the place and the guy who opened it, and it turns out he was some kind of scientist. He said the reason he opened a place that featured no "main courses" but rather a series of small plates to share was that our body chemistry has a limited window for reacting to new tastes. He said that after the first couple of bites the neurons aren't firing in excitement the way they do initially, and that he wanted to keep that excitement going. I think about that more and more when I'm eating, and use it as a reminder to keep my portions small and my variety up.

Be well everyone!
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