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Thanks for the kind words and support, Noel. I'm trying. I like a little dark chocolate too; it's a good thing. And good not to be so out of control (not that I don't have my moments.)

Now if only I can get my 16 year old to do this. She is overweight and recently getting heavier. She, like many kids, gorges on junk food. And is an emotional eater on top of this. I worry about her but when I try to bring up her health, she gets very defensive. She is militantly anti diet, possibly because of all she's seen me go through, which is good but going the other way into overindulgence is not. How to find balance for a person in an age group not always known for balance? That is my question. She wants a nose ring. I am almost considering making a deal that if she starts to get in shape I will let her get the nose ring. But I'm not sure bribing is the way. Once she gets it, she could always go back to the bad habits, if she even agrees in the first place. Ideas? How do I get her not on a diet, which I know is a trap but to take better care? I try to offer good foods but she's often out, at school activities or with friends. Sorry I know this is off topic a bit and there's a post on kids but I still wonder if we all struggle so much, what's the answer for the kids? When my DD listens to her body, it apparently says eat all the Halloween chocolate (a lot) in two days.

BYW Noel I'm not totally where you are yet. I still use my Fitday log to plan out my next day roughly so I'll have some guidelines so I'm not totally listening just to my body but I am trying. I used to plan on WW too but just can't live on a points (or Core or whatever) system anymore.

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