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Everyone probably has different things motivating them on some levels and the same on others (to get in shape.) One of my motivations is my kid. I want to be a good role model. Plus I want to be around.

But also for myself. I've always felt better lighter and more fit. Plus after losing 10lbs, my blood pressure went down about 20 points. I would love to get off the bp meds I'm on. With a family history of diabetes, heart attacks and stroke, this is no joke. Plus when I'm thinner, I am, to quote a long ago friend, also from Australia, cuter than a bug's ear. OK that is a joke.

But I think using others' success (and the moderator Mike is an excellent one) is great. You've come so far, BD, don't quit now. You started out doing it on some levels for the girl you lost. Maybe now you can do it for the better one you'll find. (maybe one of the bicep squeezers... maybe not.)

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