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Originally Posted by WeightlossBoo View Post
Had to take a rest day from the gym yesterday as my Monday 5K finally caught up with me, but I'm fighting fit today and can't wait for my martial arts/weight lifting classes later!

I'll probably be booed and hissed for saying this, but I haven't counted a calorie since the first month of my journey. It just doesn't work for me! I even did a food diary for my gym trainer and he said that I'm eating near enough perfect anyway. It's just from listening to my body, and gaining the knowledge to know what's good/bad and being able to exercise good portion control. If I had to guesstimate I'm probably consuming between 1600-1800 calories a day, maybe up to 2000 on heavy training days.

Anyway, I'm glad I got that out. And I hope everyone is having a fab day! It's almost the weekend!!!
Felicity, that is awesome! I'm so glad for you that you are able to eat "normally" and not have to keep track. You're doing so great--thanks for "coming out" What you're doing is, I think, what we'd all like to be able to do.

What MA do you do? In my last (brief) "thin period" I got into Tai-Chi and had a great time. I did a few classes with a nice Chinese lady, then found another instructor who was a little more "practical". I should get back into it when I'm a little smaller.

Have a great day!

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