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Default NEVER would have done THIS 2 months ago...

(I'm the best-dressed on the right... Not bad, huh? Considering the beer-smile!)

I'm very happy with my progress, but that's what it is- progress. I hope to lose another 4-5% of body fat, and define those muscles a bit more. I don't have a good before picture of myself at 183 lbs, but I hope my effort can inspire others to go out and work hard, and be proud of the skin you're in!

So one of my good friends (best-dressed on the left) and I were invited to a Christmas party by another of our good friend's girlfriends, who's kind of a B. She told everyone that they'd "BETTER dress up", so myself and the other best-dressed accidentally did the exact opposite... Ginger Claus had a sense of humor too.

Only two months ago when I was topping 183 lbs, I had man-boobs, my obliques stuck out, and my abs were gone. This photo, taken on the weekend, I'm about 155 lbs and I'm slimmed down! I don't even have to flex anymore to show off a hint of my abs

Success is VERY achievable when you're full of "stick-toitiveness"
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