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Originally Posted by sharone58 View Post
I did the P90X program with not as many results as I was hoping for. Plus the P90X program really isn't sustainable. There's no way I could work out an hour a day, 6 days a week for the rest of my life. A friend keeps telling me I should try Insanity but I really don't want to waste my time if it's not going to work. I've also heard that lifting weights are better than cardio for losing weight and I'm starting to believe it since I've always done cardio and have recently gained a little weight (trust me, it's not muscle). Has anyone done both that they can direct me or tell me if this whole weight lifting thing is true?
It's the common problem for many people to have too many expectations from P90X (especially looking at beachbody ad pics). To achieve that ripped/jacked results you should already be (fairly) lean, to say the least.

IMO comparing weight lifting to cardio is like comparing apples and oranges. Very simplified and considering both "classic" weight training and cardio, they pursue different (if not antagonistic) purposes. Weight training is meant to be anabolic (i.e. building new muscle tissue), cardio is catabolic (i.e. getting rid of excess tissue, i.e. fat).
Things are more complicated when losing fat is the main goal though.
"Lifting weights are better than cardio for losing weight" is kinda broscience. You lose weight because of calorie deficit, no magic bullet here. By utilizing weight training you keep your muscles from cannibalising by your own body, because in absence of exercise starving body (yes, starving, it makes no difference between dieting and starving) uses muscles prior to fat and that does slow down your metabolism.
The main goal of P90X is still fat loss. Strength workouts build (or keep) your muscle (and strength) and ramp up your metabolism, while cardio workouts actually burn fat.
You can use P90X for bulking, too, with some tweaks, but consider it just like Boot Camp at home.

Insanity is another thing, it's all about cardio/HIIT (high intensity interval training, google it). A word of warning, if you can't handle P90X Plyo, don't even bother about Insanity.
It's all about PUSHING to the limit. All workouts are very similiar, despite of whopping 12 (or 13?) DVDs. Jumping, squatting, running, everyting is targeted to shoot up your heart rate to burn max calories sparing the muscle and accelerate your metabolism (again, simplified, read about interval training on internets).

I've done both, starting with P90X makes sense. Tony (P90X) teaches you the basics of fitness/exercise, the proper moves, technique, stretches (yoga, anyone?), all-in-one, while Shaun (Insanity) expects you to learn on the spot, sort of "just push it and you'll be fine", which quickly becomes boring. BUT! It's all about intensity.

My personal preference is P90X weight workouts + Insanity in place of Cardio (Kenpo, Plyo), I just pick whatever I'm feeling to do.

Working out first thing in the morning can save a lot of time (and accelerate fat loss!, again, google is your friend), but you have to be careful here, be sure to be supplemented with BCAA pre/post workout. And personally I don't think that 6hrs/week (or even less!) is that much and hard to find, I hope you will get accustomed quite soon Good luck!

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