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Originally Posted by LisaAnnie View Post
I have been researching this for over a year now. At first I was skeptical about such low calories, taking a by-product of pregnancy, not FDA approved, etc...

However, a couple of things changed my mind. First of all the diet was created and research by an endocrinologist, that is a medical doctor. Endocrinologist's specialize in the very type of obesity related disease that I have acquired - hypothyroidism. They also specialize in other glandular and hormonally related diseases such as diabetes, which is epidemic amongst overwieght persons. Many successful hcg dieters are able to control their disease without medication after using the product successfully. Perhaps that is why it is not FDA approved? Think of all the profits the drug companies would lose if people actually got healthy and didn't need daily medication!

Then, about 2 months ago, I went to a family function and saw my (2) sister-in-laws' and my neice ... and holy smokes, they looked great! They'd done hcg through a ND, and had been maintaining 25 - 35 lb weight loss for months! "Most" people do not gain it all back.... unless they start overindulging constantly (ignoring the maintenance protocol).

So, I resumed my research and started finding little to no negative feedback from people who'd actually used the real product in the intended way. The vast majority of negative feedback came from people who had not researched it, had never used it, & had not interviewed real hcg dieters.... in other words, inexperienced opinions.

Twelve days ago I started using hcg, and I've lost ten pounds. Do I get hungry? Yes, I do, but I am not ravenous or feeling like I'm going to faint. When I get hungry, I eat my small meal or snack (ie: apple) and then I am satisfied. I feel better, I sleep better, and soon I will look better. I have been trying for years to get this weight off without success and now something is finally working. That is a good thing for me! If it's not a good choice for you, then don't do it.
I have never tried it but I personally know people that have. I feel like I have a decent understanding of it and can say that the people that I know that did it, recommend it. They are very happy with the results and didn't starve to death. This will teach you portion control to the extreme. For the 1st time they were weighing their food and tracking everything they ate. They also didn't gain any weight back. If they would have it would have been THEIR fault not the fault of HCG. For example, my brother had gastric bypass years ago, now he's as big as a house... his fault. It seem that when someone gains weight back after being on HCG everyone is quick to blame the drug.

I see your point about comparing it to cheating on steroids, but I must say that I've never seen anyone get big off of steroids that didn't workout like a mad man in the gym? Have you? It just doesn't happen. If you could take steroids and get huge and ripped without busting your hump then I'd think it's cheating. BUT it is cheating in sports b/c it's not allowed and it doesn't give an even playing field to those that follow the rules.
I'd also bet that if someone ate like they normally did while taking HCG that they would be loosing a pound a day... so I don't think of it as cheating. Maybe that's just me.
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