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Default lose weight quickly with a RDP

For just 3 easy payments of $29.95 we'll send you our revolutionary new RDP (Reusuable Diet Pill)that is guaranteed to make you shed that unwanted weight.

Our kit includes one RDP that is made of an unltra safe plastic that you can use over and over. Our lab ran numerous tests against a placebo and time and time again our RDP beat the placebo. We've also ran it against the latest craze, the worm diet and had similar results, without the side effects.

Here's how it works, everytime you get hungy or have the munchies, simply put the pill between your teeth and hold it. Our tests have shown that when your mounth is held shut, by the RDP, you quit eating. This will strike up your TMR (Thermo Metabolic Rate) and the pounds will fly away.

Order now, while supplies last!


There's more, Order within the next 10 minutes and we'll send you Two for the price of one, just pay extra shipping and processing. The second pill works great as a birth control device. Just place the second pill between your knees and let the pill do the rest!

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