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I went to my docs cause I have been feeling very tired all the time despite my sleeping just fine at night. So they took a bunch of blood (blah) and had it tested. Got my results back. Seems my bad cholestrol level is high, whioch she explanined is actually common for my generation seeing as we have been eating junk the past 30 years lol. The biggest concern she has though is my Vit D level. Apparently the normal vit D level in a 30 year old woman is somewhere around 29( not sure the actual measurement) but mine is at 14. That shocked the hell out of me. Even more shocking is I am now at a higher risk for Brittle Bone Diease. She gave me some tips, increase my vit d by taking a vitiamin. What I wanted to ask everyone was what foods could I eat to help with this problem but that wont stop me from losing the weight (which she also said is a good idea and would help). Any tips would be great or email me @

Thanks everyone!
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