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Default Hi all :) bit of an essay, sorry 'bout that :)

G'day folks I signed up here a while back and have been using the tools on the site ever since. I have also been greatly inspired by some of the forum stories/posts, so I thought it might be a good idea if I say hello and introduce myself.

I'm a 38 year old, 200cm(6'6"), 136kg (301 lb) Aussie.
Although I still have a long way to go, over the past six months or so I have dropped from 160kg plus (scales wouldn't register any higher).
I cleaned up my diet (dropped all refined sugar, most breads, all fast food etc) and started llifting weights 3x a week and a half hour cardio( I know, slack, need more) most days.
When I started this, it was pretty much accidental.....I started working out to get my mind focussed on something other than a woman, who broke my heart and ,at the time, occupied my thoughts 100% of my waking time. I wasn't good enough for her, I knew it, she knew it and realizing that that was due to me being a slacker all my life and letting myself get into such abysmal shape, and that had I not done that, I would most probably still be with the girl of my dreams, very nearly shattered me beyond repair.
It drove me up the wall! It also drove me to push out that extra rep, or add that extra few pound to my normal lift and go the extra mile on my stationary bike. Basically, I would work out till was that or lay awake all night staring at the ceiling berating myself.

Thankfully (sadly??) I can now actually go a few hours at a time without thinking about her and that concerns me a bit. I have used the hurt and anger she aroused in me as fuel and motivation up to now, and I don't want to slack off after coming so far....if I can repeat over the next six months what I have done in the last six, I will be one lean, mean, human machine and in better shape than I have EVER been.
What do you folks use to STAY motivated long term? I jumped head first into this for all the wrong reasons, but having witnessed and benefited from the results of mindless, aggression/tension release working out, I now want to structure my whole workout and diet, and continue to lose fat and add lean muscle to my frame.

Apparently I 'carry my weight well', or that's what folks tell me anyway. Pretty much any time someone comments on how much weight I have lost and I tell them how much more I intend to lose, they are shocked and tell me there is no way I need to lose another 20+ kg. I just answer that with 'yeah, but you haven't seen me with my shirt off, I have.'
Women step inside my 'personal space' all the time now(they used to avoid that like the plague), and a great many of them like to touch, feel, squeeze, pat or just flat out POKE. Particularly chest, shoulders and biceps.
Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaining, I'm just concerned that I'll get to a 'hell, why bother aiming for more, what I have now seems to be working pretty well' type attitude. What keeps you guys going?

Anyway I better wind this up before I write a book on my whole life story
To those of you who have posted success stories and pictures of your journey, THANKYOU!! (especially Mike the mustang driving moderator dude....your posts/pics have been the motivation for quite a few workouts recently)

I'll be around for a while, and I intend to make better use of the food tracker thingy on the site, so will probably drop by daily at the very least.
Looking forward to the day I have the balls to post my own before and after shots.

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