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Talking trying this again, this time for life, i hope........

well the last time i tried fitday was back in 2005, and i ended up losing 33 lbs, felt great, then i got sick and had to have surgery in 2006, then i gained back all the weight and then some. this time it is going to be for life, i am tired of being fat and sick and tired all the time. i started on oct 27, 2010 and i am down 20 lbs, doing this all on my own, trying to eat healthy is the HARDEST part for me because i have a hubby and three grown sons, two of which still live at home, and they eat whatever they want, my hubby should watch his diet but he gets too frustrated. exercise is easy for me, i walk 3miles per day before work on the treadmill, and on my off days i walk 5-7miles. it takes me all day to accomplish this though because i have to keep stopping to take care of my family and our home and the animals, but i get my miles in daily. i feel so much better, just wish my eating was under better control and then the weight would just fall off of me, but i have been under a TREMENDOUS amount of stress for a few years and its not getting any better, personal family issues that really tear at my heart, but i am dealing with it the best way i can, and sometimes that is eating things i should not, if i could jump onto the treadmill whenever i am stressed out that would be great, but most of the time it is at night when my family is asleep, so i guess i just need to grab the bull by the horns and hang on for life. anyway, so i am 45yr mom of three boys, hubby of 26yrs, grandma of soon to be two babies and nurse for 21yrs. i am 5'4" and as of today i weigh 184 LBS. my goal was to weigh 160 LBS by new years eve, but it don't look as though i am going to accomplish that goal, but i have not given up yet! and i will never give up, never!! i am so happy to be back on fitday, and hopefully being part of the forums will help me to lose more weight and meet my goal.

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