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Originally Posted by brittaniemarie View Post
Hello everyone! My name is Brittanie, and I've joined Fit Day b/c I really want to get healthy and fit. My diet isn't the greatest, but my exercise is at an active level. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, I take Step Class and Spin Class twice a week, but I don't seem to be losing weight, which is really not motivating!

I dont know what diet will work for me, everything I try, seems to fail, so I hoping that by keeping this catalog, I'll have progress.

I am getting married in May, and I'd love to lose anywhere from 30 to 40 lbs by then. I weigh 196 right now. Recently had my first child, Timothy, and was on bedrest with him for 4 weeks before he was born.

It's tough, but thanks for all the support!
Welcome to Fitday brittanie. You'll find a lot of tools to help you, and also a lot of helpful advice and support. Maybe diets aren't working, but there are alternatives that might!

Tell us a little more about the type of foods you eat and the diets you have been on?

And be prepared for a lot of different opinions, but different ideas as well. If you are serious about the weight loss, I know for a fact that this site is the best place to be. Good luck
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