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Great post, Rcht! Lots of valuable info and suggestions.

WW definitely works for some. It never worked much or longterm for me. I'd lose a few pounds then gain it all back and more. I found myself obsessing over food (well I always do that but this was even more extreme.) While I got some good ideas from meetings, some of them seemed a little silly (a member talking at GREAT length about the creamer in her coffee, the caloric drawbacks, the nutritional benefits, the psychological and spiritual ramifications etc. Sorry to make fun but it just seemed a bit much to me.) And while I enjoyed some of the products, they are loaded with chemicals.

Everyone has to find his/her own way. If WW works,then I think you should go with it. There are certainly worse plans out there. To me, real food in reasonable amounts and exercise is what I would like to be able to lose and live on.

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