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Hi beachgirl/01gt4.6, thanks for the response. I haven't posted in the forums before. But I've been using fitday off and on since 2007. I checked all of the issues I posted in my list and none of them have changed. Regarding some of the issues:

1. Log in, has been discussed. I'm sure this is a configurable option somewhere. At least only having to log in once a day would be nice. Plenty of non-secure sites like this one just let the user stay logged in all the time.

2. Timezone - yes please look into that. The ability to set your own timezone, or just have the software pick it up automatically (as a lot of sites do now), would be great. Often I'll start entering a day's worth of food after 9pm, only to realize it all went to the next day (tomorrow).

3. Print version has no date (or any way to tell different days apart). Yes I can write the date of the food log on it when I print it, but why would I want to/have to do that? Sometimes I will want to print up 2 weeks worth of days to go show to a nutritionist or something. it's pretty easy to get them mixed up w/o a date on them. It's obvious someone spent a lot of time getting a lot of information formatted nicely onto the print version, leaving off the date just had to be an oversight imo. This is such a no-brainer to me that it's what originally made me think the site must just be in zombie mode. I'm very glad to hear that it is not and you guys are still working on things.

4. Case sensitivity. This one is no big deal, I can live with either way. If some people like it then fine.

5. Copying custom food. Basically when you go to edit a custom food, and change the name, it could just give you the option to save as a new food or change the name of the existing custom food. In that way you could just start with a similar food and change a few things, w/o having to enter all of the information over again. I have needed to do this many times.

6. Search custom and maybe recent foods. This is a nice to have. But when you get a large list of custom foods, it would be a lot easier if you could search them vs. just list them. As far as sifting through the custom foods database, it would be pretty easy to break it down into sections - one for your custom foods, the other for the whole database (and maybe even one for your recent foods).

Thanks for the quick replies, glad to hear you guys are still on the case.


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