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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
I thought it did that automatically--let's try it and see. All I did here was to hit the "quote" button.
it's all on how gently you press the button.

Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
It worked--are you using the "Qutoe" button or are you cutting and pasting from the original post into your reply?
I wondered that myself.

Originally Posted by mtlgirl View Post
Okay but how does the multi quote work? I have tried that a couple of times to no avail!
I don't know, can we multi quote?

I open up FD in another window so I have two open. Then I start a post and copy and paste the quotes from window 1 into the post I started in window 2, then repeat. There may be an easier way, if so I don't know it.

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