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Originally Posted by suzzer99 View Post
I agree, and it's sad because the site has so much promise, but some major usability issues, namely:

1. Having to log in 10x/day
2. Inability to set your timezone - I'm on Pacific time and apparently the site assumes everyone is on Eastern. So many times I've entered food on the wrong day.
3. Print version should show the date that you're printing! Otherwise how are you supposed to tell them apart?
4. Food sort should not be case-sensitive, that's just silly.
5. There should be a way to copy a custom food and just change a few things, then save it as a new custom food.
6. Search should look for matches in my Custom Foods and Recent Foods, as well as the fitday database.

At least for me that's really all it would take to make the site perfect. I'm sure others have different issues. But I don't think any of these are gigantic tasks (I'm a computer programmer - feel free to contact me if you need help!)

As it is I don't know how the site can expect anyone to shell out for the premium site or PC software, since it seems development has stopped on the website.

1. I can see where that could be an inconvenience for some, personally it doesn't bother me b/c I log in to everything b/c I have my computer set to NOT save history. This is one of the many things that we are working on.
2. You can set your time zone. (user cp>edit options>date and time options)
3. That would be nice, but if you are printing them... why not just write the date on it?
4. I totally agree
5. I honestly don't see this being possible, but I could be wrong.
6. I can pass this on to see if that could be changed.

I guess everyone has there own sense of what would make this site perfect. Many have already put in their requests/ voiced their opinions and one by one things are changing... for the better. I'm sure many other member can attest to that.

To be honest, I don't think that FitDay EXPECTS anyone to pay for the premium or PC version, but we do OFFER it, if someone chooses to.

The fact that you think that development has stopped tells me that you really don't know that it's only just begun.

dan-anderson spoke 2 months ago about the abandonment of admin, back then they may have been true. But like I said things are changing and HAVE changed.

All we ask is to be patient, it's as if the flood gates have opened with requests in the last 2 months. Some changes may seem simple on the surface but are much more complicated.

Also keep in mind that we get multiple requests DAILY... not including your 6 that you just posted.

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