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Default Completed my first 5K!

I didn't stop or walk at any stage, and even though it took me about 40 minutes I am actually glowing from being able to do this!
Tried the 'Couch-to-5K' challenge a couple of months ago, and quit after a couple of weeks as I just didn't feel ready. At the time I was really angry with myself as I'd set a goal to run a 5K by Christmas, but my confidence was so low and I couldn't stop thinking 'I'm an obese woman, there's no way I can run 3.11 miles!' And before today the longest I'd managed without stopping was 10 minutes. Something just clicked, and as I was on that treadmill I could almost feel myself becoming stronger. I felt like I could've run forever!

I hope others may see my achievement and be driven to try something they never thought possible. Just because you might think that you 'can't' or shouldn't be able to do something, doesn't mean that you aren't capable if you really want it!

I'm not usually smug, but...
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