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Originally Posted by heritagehunter View Post
Hi, I'm heitagehunter, I'm a stress eater. My stress relief "drug" of choice is flaming hot cheetos. I started on this journey in March. I was 207 lbs. Right now I'm 192. I would like to weigh 130, but if I only get down to 140, I would be thrilled. Slow loss but at least its going the right way! I didn't put it on overnight so it won't go away that quick either.

I do have a physical challenge, I was in a car accident 4 years ago and the muscles in my legs did not fully recover. It makes the workouts interesting!
I'm doing this so my heart will be healthy and to have more endurance.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here.
im a stress eater as well. my food of choice is pizza. I understand what u are going through. All i have learned over the years is that life may have ruts in the road, but that doesn't mean to stop and wait until its fixed...u go around it and get over it. Life is unfair....get used to it....that is what i am told everyday of my life.... things will get better...i promise!!
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