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Default Weight training

Last year's was to lose 30 pounds, mostly to improve my running - mission accomplished! Started with the Center for Medical Weight Loss (which I recommend, particularly if you mesh as well with the Dr. as I did with mine.)and Fitday a couple of days into January and by mid April I reached the weight goal and my racing PRs keep going down and down.

This year it is adding a serious weight training program. My diet doc. has been prodding me from the very beginning to add resistance training, and I do lift a little here and there, but unlike running and other outdoor sports, I just can't find the discipline. (If just buying videos was all it took to build muscles, I'd be a competitive body builder by now. But I guess you have to actually do the exercises on the video. )

Sooo, this January I am joining CrossFit - a pretty intensive, directed, but relatively quick gym based program. One of my running partners joined last year and the progress she has made is awesome (literally!).

I'll let you all know how it goes.
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