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Originally Posted by Lovedogs4ever View Post
Hi Soccerchick! First, let me give you a big hug!
Last year in September I was 18 years old, 227 and very down on myself. Being overweight is not fun at all! The worst thing for me was knowing that the way I was living was not healthy...AT ALL. But the more I got depressed about it the more I ate. But now I have lost 50 pounds and feel so much better about myself. I am no expert at weight loss but let me share some tips with you that worked for me.

I worked first on my "inside" not my outside. I am NOT what I look like or how much I weigh! I am a person, I am so much more than that.
Another thing I did was that I took ownership of my weight. I gave a long hard look at my lifestyle and how I got where I was and I decided to change. I didn't hope things would change, I decided to make changes. I wasn't going to let myself have any excuses. I got myself into this mess so I was gonna get myself out of it.
I made a plan, what my goals were and how I was going get to those goals.
An important thing for me to remember was that I make mistakes, I get off my plan and that's OKAY! I am not perfect, all I need to do is just get back up again, and try, try, again.
But the very most important thing (I think at least) is to just enjoy the journey! Just making small changes makes a big difference and pays off in time. Enjoy how your body is changing and how your perspective on life is too. It isn't about a quick fix, it is about a lifestyle change!
thank you so much for the tips and your support!!! it means a lot to me!! i know it will take a lot of hard work and determination to get where i want to be in life....but i need to start out little and work my way up the ladder!!! thank you again for the support!!
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