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Originally Posted by MainJane View Post
I cannot find anything about adding friends to my account. There is a friends page that says I don't have any, but no way to add them. Please advise.
I'm not sure how to do this either. I do know you can click on a user's name in the forum and add them to your list of contacts. I don't know if this is the same as friends or not. I've never added anyone to mine, so I have so personal experience.

Give it a try and see what happens.
Started 6/1/10: 240 lbs. and made it to 184 lbs.

Starting yet Again: 9/16/11 205 lbs. (someone help motivate me please)
Starting Again 4/14/11: 192 lbs. (completely fell off the wagon here)
Goal 8/11/11: 175 lbs. (Never made it)

Complete failure at keeping it off and now starting again.

9/1/14: 241 lbs.
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