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I guess I kinda agree with Cassie: no time like the present! And I'm so glad she mentioned the 7 day thread because I find that so helpful too. In fact, I just posted mine. Check it out and add yours!!!

But I have made NY resolutions before so here goes (some of these seem to be the same year after year, hmmmmm....):

1) Talk less, listen more
2) Don't interrupt others even if you think you know what they are going to say. They might surprise you and they might just enjoy finishing their own sentences for once.
3) Eat healthier, less processed crap, more local stuff whenever possible even if you have to deal with the snotty organic farmer. Don't be a baby about this! He won't bite you and even if he does, he eats organic; how bad could his germs be?
4) Meditate; it helps you to be a shiny happy person (OK less miserable, let's not expect miracles here, shall we)
5) go to the gym and don't overdo it so you can live to go another day
6) lose those 13-15 pounds; come on,you can do this, surely this is not still going to be your goal when you're 90?
7) stop being a buddy to your kid and start being a parent. When did you become such a wuss anyway?
8) do something beneficial for others; this could just be visiting your bedridden friend or the one with MS and calling those you know who are lonely. Remember what Mother Theresa said (I am probably wildly misquoting here): you cannot necesssarily do big things in this world, just small things with great love.

OK those were mine. I'll report back next December to let you know if I managed to do any of this!!!!! JK! You'll hear from me sooner or did you doubt that and think you'd get a break from my incessant posting ?

Oh yes and this last one:
9) Stop spending so much time on Fitday posting and write more!!!!

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