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My own personal soapbox on the whole herbal/holistic market in a nutshell is this: Herbs are untested, unregulated drugs. Cocaine is an herbal product if you want to be technical about it. As with everything else in life, buyer beware. Herbal therapies do help some people, but there are a lot of claims out there with nothing but anecdotal evidence to support them. My personal opinion is a combined approach is best. My persoal background is in traditonal/western medicine, but the whole person treatment approach and the mind/body connection that eastern/holistic medicine addresses does have merit. You cannot treat one symptom without affecting many other bodily processes, and how a person feels emotionally does have a physiological effect.

In my case, I am no longer on antidepressants. I weaned myself off of them because I wanted a second child, and because physical therapy got me to a place where I could get relief without them. I started taking them because of nerve pain that was keeping me from sleeping, the lack of sleep was causing me to be depressed, and I was very close to a major breakdown. My depression was physicological. The particuar one I was prescribed eases nerve pain as well as depression, and I was on it for about 2 years. I agree with Cassie that antidepressants can be a useful tool in conjunction with therapy. I don't think simply throwing pills at a problem can make it go away, but medication can be the crutch needed to get a person to a place where the problem can be addressed. Once the person is well enough to stand on his/her own, then the crutch can be set aside.
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