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Originally Posted by strawberryhotcake View Post
Don`t get yourself down Felicity! Look how far you have come! Wow, you have been doing amazing since June. I hope I can do half that...I`m 264lbs now trying to get down to 150ish eventually too. Since you have been doing so well in such a short period of time, have any helpful tips for me? It would be greatly appreciated!
Aw, thank you so much for the kind words! You want some tips off of me? Well umm, I don't know what to say really.
I guess, don't expect miracles. It might look like I've easily loss 70lbs in 6 months but it's not been a walk in the park, and there have been many times that I've fallen off the wagon and had to pick myself back up. This is normal, don't be too hard on yourself! We're not infallible, and the experience of little failures is definitely useful on the journey.

Definitely find an exercise that you enjoy. So many people on here complain about their work outs, and it drives me nuts because I love mine! There's so many different things you can do to get in shape. Slogging it out on a treadmill in the gym is only one of them. (And a very bland option too I might add.) See what's available in your local area, maybe get yourself a Wii or rent some exercise DVDs from your local library. I've been considering adding some indoor rock climbing to my routine just for something different. The options really can be endless!

I don't really know what else to add I'm afraid. Though if you have any specific questions I'll be glad to try answer them.
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