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Default Thanks Everyone!

I appreciate your responses. Basically as I approach what I initially set as my goal weight, I am wondering how I will know when it is time to stop. Do I stop there or should I keep going if I have the energy and the patience? I have about 6 or 7 pounds till my initial goal.

I set my goal weight at the midpoint of the "healthy" range and at a BMI that seemed like a good idea. I also have a new goal to get my body fat percentage into the "fitness" range (right now it is in "acceptable."). I am thinking that once I get to my goal I will up the strength training and take more protein calories to get to the "maintenance" level. Hoping that this is a good plan...

I guess I am obsessing a little because I had an eating disorder in high school and I don't want to get caught up in the mentality that I have to go overboard. I have a physical scheduled for next Monday and I'm planning to talk to the doctor about it.
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