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I have a naturally thin spouse. He is the same size and weight as when I first married him 32 years ago! I hate that.

I have struggled all of my life with weight and he just doesn't get it when I get pissed when he brings home pizza, ice cream, donuts, candy and pies. He says to me "oh it won't hurt you cuz you work out". Duh? And why do I work out? To lose weight not to maintain it so I can eat crap!! Hello!!!

When he was in Iraq for 15 months I dropped 15 lbs. because he wasn't home to bring all of that nasty food in. I started gaining it back right away because I wanted to fix him all of the good food that he wasn't able to eat. Even though I just ate little portions of it all I still gained it back.

Now I am struggling to get if off again and this time he doesn't bug me cuz the more he bugs me the more I spend on workout DVD's, apparel and software to workout by on my Wii.

It is coming down now finally but very slow.

Good luck to you!!

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