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Originally Posted by SisterJen View Post
Thanks for the advice Michael,

I ended up watching TV and talking to my other roommate most of the night (she couldn't sleep either). After rehashing the past few days, we discovered that the person that had been placed in our home by the ward Bishop, wasn't actually a member of the church at all, and that it was a good possibility that she was also telling lies about why her kids were taken from her (and possibly about her true identity???). She did let it slip that she had at least one fellony on her record (in Texas), but we didn't hear what it was for.

Unfortunatley, this woman isn't quite gone yet. She will be returning at some point tonight to pick up the rest of "her things"...We have tried to safeguard the house as much as we can, and have removed all of the items that would easily fit into a suitcase that belong to us, but there is no garintee that this will be an easy transition.

My roommate and I have requested that the Bishop and some of the Priesthood members accompany her to make sure that there are no physical altercations, and to make sure that we get the key back. One of us will also be present while she is packing/loading her stuff. We are both praying that this will be the last time we ever see her.
How did things go, Jen? Hope you got the nut case out of your life for good--no one needs that extra stress. Have a great day!

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