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Hi Lea! I think everyone here has given really valid and helpful tips for you. All I wanted to say to you is please don`t become too absorbed by those last few pounds. It sounds like this is really upseting you, wich I can totally understand, I was in a very similar situation as yours a few years ago in my early 20`s and I became completely obsessed with everything I ate, didn`t eat, crazy amounts of exercise until I had stopped doing pretty much everything else! It was on my mind 24/7. It`s a very lonely place let me tell you! Plus in the long run you really want to be strong and healthy. I know feeling comfortable in your own skin is important too, no matter if its 5 or 50 pounds, everyone has a comfortable weight and certain way they like to look. Just don`t let it get to you now, or you could be setting yourself up for years and years on unhappiness and struggle. Also as others have said, I think you really need to address the binge eating. Look at all the wodnerful things your body does for you everyday! Think positive thoughts everyday and stop the negativity about your body. An unhealthy realtionship of any kind with food will haunt you for life. Good luck Lea and be healthy!
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