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Originally Posted by SisterJen View Post
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop eating due to stress? It has been one of my personal shortcomings, and I'm trying really hard to stop, but I'm having an extreemly bad day (I had to have my new, and now former roommate forcibly removed from the house today), and I'm in a really bad head space!

I would normally try to work it out through some sort of exercise, but it's been suggested that I stay close to the house for a few days to make sure that she doesn't try to cause harm to me or the property!!! I'm also trying to work through a lower back issue at the moment, so there can't be a lot of jarring motion involved.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated;
You've got to find "something" to do to keep your mind off the stress and off eating. A movie, read a book, talk to friends, go to bed, read FitDay posts--anything.

If you're hungry, drink some water, perhaps have a salad--that helps fill me up.

I hear you about the back issue--I had back spasms this summer that ended me up at the hospital--worst.pain.ever. To add insult to injury, they had to go get the "big" wheelchair and a burly security guard to get me out of the vehicle and into the chair.

Hope all goes well and your "problem" is gone for good.

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