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Originally Posted by 2fatat35 View Post
And I wonder why I should even bother. Any kind of success is so far away. Even by drastic measures I'll only be 300 lbs by March. 300 lbs!

And if you don't you will be 347 (or worse) in March. If you can lose just 10 pounds a month then next Christmas you would have lost 120lbs and be lighter than you were in high school. Don't neglect undertaking a worthwhile goal just because of the time it will take, the time will pass anyway. (Another member has a quote like this in their signature.)

Here is my advise:
Commit to living the rest of your life healthy and fit.
You have lost weight before. You know how to exercise and control your calories. So why did you balloon back up to where you are now? Is it because you treated the symptoms and not the causes? Old habits die hard! Understand that you may need to track or monitor your food and execise for the rest of your life so you don't repeat the cycle. Is that such a high price to pay to be healthy and fit for the rest of your life? Have a plan after you reach your long term goals for maintaining your success. If you think you can return to your old habits once you hit that magic weight then you are setting yourself up to bounce right back to where you are currently.

The best diet plan is the one that works for you.
High Carb, low carb, high protein, low fat, paleo, vegetarian you name it and someone has had success and someone else failed. The key is finding a diet that fits you and that your body responds to. Educate yourself about nutrition and find the combinations that work for your body and that you are able to tolerate physcologically. Some use cheat meals, others find cheat meals as just an excuse to binge that sabotages their efforts. Some have foods that they will not eat, others feel deprived and end up binging if they can't have a treat now and then. If you can find a diet plan or book that works for you that is great but you will most likely apply tweaks and ideas from multiple sources to find the long term solution that you can live with for the rest of your life.

Check out They also have a wealth of information and information that you may relate to since you already lift. I especially like their Transformation of the Week series and in their forums they have a Fat to Fit thread with some great success stories and even pictures.

Welcome and good luck!

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