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Cassie, Ron and Pinenut…Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses, and thanks to those others who read my post. I am trying to be mindful of temptations and being a member of the Fitday community is a very helpful thing. Though we are all virtual friends, it helps to read about everyone’s challenges and successes. It helps to keep it real for me and I hope that by participating in this forum that I can help others, as well. If I can be of help, please reach out to me.

And now…..The Albie-darned, holy socks, inspirational poem of the day.

Night and day, ain’t no doubt. Calories in, calories out.
Attitude up, attitude down. Eyes on the prize. Focus on the crown!
And if you stumble, don’t waste your time cryin’.
Live your life forever, or die tryin’! LOL

I burned 5 extra calories just writing that poem!
My best to everyone. Keep on keepin’ on!
This is the place where I would write something inspirational and witty...if I could.
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