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Talking new to dieting, loads of questions :)

Hi all

Im 28 and on 6th jan 2010 i had the fright of my life when i tipped the scales @ 271lbs.

I have dieted before and never stuck to it BUT this time im determined!!!!

I have lost 24lb so far with 120 more to go

Ive started swimming 5 days a week and eating about 1200-1500 calories, and its not as hard as i thought (although i do have my moments)

I find it VERY hard when i have a drink, alcohol seems to make me ravenous!!!

Also this is TMI but i always have and still only poo once a week, will this effect my diet? i thought the extra fruit, veg and fibre would help but it really hasnt. surely the calories are just stuck in my body absorbing?

Also i eat quite a lot of those frozen weightwatchers meals so i can keep track of my calories better as im new to this and havent really got a clue but i have heard these types of processed foods are no good for you, so im a bit confused!!!!!!

Also sugar free pop? is that a no no?

Thanks all in advance x x x
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