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well i was once told to either focus on muscle gain or weight loss not both.
the training programs are two different things. to gain muscle sometime requires eating more than a daily caloric needs.
if you want to loss and tone up. just eat your daily level and exercise to burn more so you will always be under the daily needs. also refine your numbers based on your current weight monthly at a min. they are right a person needs a lot of protein base on current weight for example i need about 160 grams of it a day. according to what info i have read. i get that thru fish,nuts,grains, powders, bars.

my suggestion is to dial down the cardio you could very well be over training. also after your routine within 30 minute intake as much protein as you can an easy way is a glass of whole organic milk (with some nuts in my case) which has the two best proteins in it. names escape me. also every 9- 12 weeks a rest week helps. change up routines somehow every 8 weeks so your body will not get used to it. gains come in from over lifting but not over training.
i am a SLYGUY still durning summer
Start Weight- 320lbs (09-29-2010 & 12/12/12)
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295 11/21/2010 (i fell a gain coming on)
300lbs (10-14-2010)
320 (12x12x12)
Goal Weight-290 (in one year)
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