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Hi, stopcounting! I've just joined up on the forums too after years of trying Fitday for a month and then growing frustrated and leaving again for a year. LOL. I'm sorry to hear of your struggles--I felt that same 'clothes don't fit!' panic when I started gaining from 125 and hit 140 too fast. I hope you can fit into your jeans soon!

One thing I empathize over is that your husband likes unhealthy meals--my parents (who I live with until early next year) are the same way. It's REALLY hard to force yourself to eat well when someone sitting across from you/in the same room is eating poorly, and I concur that changing what he eats is likely integral to changing what YOU eat. Influence is very potent. I've read that if one has friends who eat poorly or are overweight, one is far more likely to do the same despite one's best efforts!

Does your husband like ANYTHING healthy or is he one of those folks who eschews the very thought of vegetables? It may take some time to change his ways, but I feel like a slow introduction of new and healthier foods might possibly change his ways. One thing you could try is getting some powdered fiber and pouring/mixing it into foods--we've got some and I've tried that before since fiber is filling and may compel you or him to eat a little less when you're supplemented with it. I'll go look up the brand name on ours if you can't find it. It has no taste and because it's so finely ground, it's not really noticeable. It'd be a good add to chilis and stews and soups, I think.

You could also try having a salad before dinner to fill yourself up on fibrous veggies. Even if your husband doesn't join you in this, it's something you can try yourself so that when you're presented with the unhealthy meal, you're likely to eat less of it. And salads can be a lot of fun with colorful veggies--I'm addicted to bell peppers and broccoli and baby carrots! They certainly don't have to be drab, even if you go light on dressing/condiments.

I'm only just restarting my own weight-loss attempts but I hope that my advice is helpful in some way. Good luck!

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