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Bobbienne--I was curious to know more about a couple things you said. Why were you switched from Synthroid to another form of levothyroxine? Also, what do you know about soy being bad for hypothyroidism?

I just joined the forums a few days ago and wanted to say that I was put on levothyroxine in my teens, before I started to gain weight on antidepressants. I've had my blood tested a couple times a year and the dosage increased a few times, but it seems stable. I still struggle with fatigue, but I don't know that it's related to hypo because my doctor says my levels are normal. It never occurred to me to ask for the lab results, but I don't suffer from most of the hypo symptoms like hair loss. I was intrigued that so many posters on here did ask for their own copies of the lab results, and also that there are more markers that should be tested for. I may have to ask my doctor about this!

I drink soymilk instead of cow's milk because of IBS and I was wondering if I should switch over to almond milk instead. I've read that soy can be bad for women with a predisposition for breast cancer, but I wasn't aware it could impact hypothyroidism. Does anyone have more information on this? I thank you in advance.

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