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I don't know your current weight, or how much weight in total you want to loose. I cant be more specific without knowing some more info. I generally shoot for 10% LESS of my current weight, seeing how I'm obese.

Sorry about this part on goal setting. I typed it out not completely understanding the question. I left it here so someone else might find it useful. You should set two types of goals, a long term goal, and a short term goal. A long term goal is something you think you could achieve in a specified amount of time, say 3 months from now. Write that down on a piece of scratch paper. For me, lets say I want to be #155 in 3 months, so Ill write that down.

Now, today I weigh #225. So, to reach my goal of #155 in 3 months, or May 6TH I need to loose #70. So, now I set my short term goals so that I can achieve my long term goal. This means that I need to loose #5/week.

Looking at my example, I can see that my short term goals are ridiculous, and unhealthy. At this point, I need to move out my short term goal to something like 9 months (36 weeks), and then modify my short term goals to match my new long term goal, which is #2/week.

Now, I write my long term goal on my calender, November 6 #155. Then I write my short term goal on my calender, February 13, #223.

Now, so long as I stick to my short term goal weight loss, I will achieve my long term goal at that date. If I keep missing my short term goals constantly (more than 2-3 times) I change my long term goal, ether by moving out the date, or change my final weight.

Hope that helps.

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