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I agree with with what stopcounting said. And honestly, I am not trying to be judgemental; I am just concerned, especially for one so young. 81-98 pounds for a person 5'2" even with a small frame, just seems too thin, almost dangerously so, especially the low end of that, as even you acknowledge, thankfully.

Is it possible that your weight gain is muscle? Is that necessarily a bad thing? If you feel your legs are disproportionate to the rest of you, is it not possible to build some upper body strength to balance it out?

Also I want to suggest that sometimes binge eating is a psychological thing (trying to fill a emotional hole, for example) but I believe sometimes people binge eat because they need food, having starved themselves to attain an ideal which might not be realistic or healthy. Again, I agree with stopcounting. Have healthy food available and please remember to treat yourself with kindness. You sound like you're working very hard.

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