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We'll first I would like to welcome you here,everybody here are very nice and very helpful .I would just like to add that I started my lifestyle change just over like 3 months now and I was about 305 lbs and now im at 247.When I started out I was just walking slowly adding more distance to my walks.At first was about 1/2 mile then the next week 1mile and so on and I did this every day up until about 3 weeks ago when I joined 24hr fitness.I have found the stationary bicycle does the same thing as walking without the joint pains of walking on hard concrete.Your diet looks pretty good but I would reccommend that you not eat any diet stuff as in soda or salad dressings these will have a reverse effect on you later down the line if not sooner.I would also throw in some small snacks in between breakfast ,lunch and dinner.Eat something like an orange or a salad with oil and vinegar or some strawberrys,cottage cheese etc.I try to eat a little something every 2-3 hours.

On a side note there is always someone here to motivate you ,good luck and keep it up its we'll worth the effort.
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