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Originally Posted by DetroitBreakdown View Post

Was it you that I remember was celebrating being able to use your wii fit balance board?

I ask because to celebrate I bought myself a wii fit. I have been using the EA Sports active. I always wanted the wii fit, but knew I was too heavy. But now that I can honestly imagine being able to use the balance board, I thought I'd bite the bullet.

If it was you, were you able to use it at all before you got under 330lbs, or did you just have to wait it out? If it wasn't you, I'll go looking for who made that post.

Matt, yes, that was me. If you do a google search, there are a few ways to "fool" the Wii into letting you use the board if you are over the 330 limit. The board itself seems more than able to support the weight--it is more a software thing.

The method I used was to find a piece of heavy packing foam about an inch and a half thick and put it beneath the board--this takes enough stress off to make the Wii think you are lighter than you are.

Once you get under 330 and get rid of the workaround, the Wii will complain your weight has changed but will adjust.

I like the WiiFit Plus Step, Bicycle and Running the best, but some of the others are fun, too. I also have Tetris Party which you can play using the WiiFit board.

Have fun!

PS I have no doubt you'll be under the 330 mark within a few weeks, anyway :-)
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