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It took about 15 pounds or so before people started noticing. I've had supportive comments like one of the trainers at the gym who told me he's seen me working hard and it shows, or one of my students who said, "my mom wants to know how you lost so much weight. She said you look skinny." There have also been comments that I think are odd- but still motivate me, such as my friend's husband who told me to stop losing weight and I shouldn't lose any more, my hairdresser also told me I don't need to lose any more weight, and my boyfriend's brother's girlfriend who was leaving said, "Bye skinny. Don't lose any more weight before the next time I see you." It in a way can be frustrating though because you think ya they are right, I look good. Then I think, wait a minute, I'm still overweight... maybe they are just trying to trick me. I guess it's just nice that people notice and that's the motivation in itself.
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