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Originally Posted by C2CXJR View Post
Hello everybody, I was hoping to get an opinion on my daily meal plan. I'm attempting to lose weight, and have been successful so far. With this meal plan, I'm rarely hungry and I feel good. I'm just looking for any suggested improvements.

-Quaker Sugar Free Apple Cinnamon oatmeal made w/ water

-1 slice whole wheat bread
-1 can tuna in water
-2 slices of lettuce
-2 slices of roma tomato
-2 tbs of spicy mustard
-1 cup of baby spinach
-2 tbs lite ranch dressing

-1 boneless/skinless chicken breast, broiled
-1 cup of baby spinach
-2 tbs lite ranch dressing
-1 tbs of spicy mustard
-15 or so baby carrots, raw
-1/2 cup green beans, no salt

Fitday lists my calories at 702, 26.9g of fat, 61.3g of carbs and 50.1g of protein.

Just wanted to get an opinion. Any suggestions are very much appreciated!
Without knowing your sex, age, current weight, etc, I would definately have some more protein at your breakfast meal. Your body has been burning protein all night and goes into an anabolic state. The protein will keep it in an anabolic state. You also may not be taking in enough overall calories during the day and I am not sure as to your level of excersize.

I would think about adding protein to increase that ratio. It is unclear as to how large your servings of chicken and tuna are.

Sounds like you are on the right track. Best of luck!!
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