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Default Taking back my life


I've known for a while that I'm slowing killing myself. It's so easy to be passive and not face your fears and hide. I've never been at my ideal weight. I once thought 200lbs was my nightmare weight. Last time I was pushing that number I read Dr. Phil's book, joined fitday and a gym. 30lbs flew off. Then I got complacent. Before long I was back up to my starting weight. Now 200lbs is a long distant memory.

I was terrified I had developed diabetes & finally went to the doctor. Turns out I have hypothyroidism. A little guilt lifted off my shoulders. My aunt recently passed away after being unable to recover from a broken hip. She had COPD thanks to smoking all her life. Seeing her after surgery unable to come off a vent spurred me to quit smoking. I switched to an electronic cig & I've been smoke-free for over 4 months. No more smoker's cough for me! My lungs feel so much stronger.

Anyway, my plan for becoming a healthier me is baby steps. No "diets" allowed. I plan to pay attention to what I eat & make better choices. Also, I got an early Christmas present for my son and me, an Xbox Kinect. It's a fun & private way to get this body moving.
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